5 Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Writing Goals for the New Year

#1 What are you trying to accomplish with your writing?

     Becoming a better writer and using newly learned skills towards my new career which will be in Real Estate.

#2 What did and did not work well for you in the past year?

      Being stuck in a 9-5 job, which in turn limited my progress in writing and other things.  Getting out of that position and learning what my purpose is.  A work in progress. 

 #3 What type of writing will you do?

       I'm not sure.  I was thinking about starting out writing a blog.  Then moving onto a book.  

#4  What’s your budget?

       I'm not sure as this will not be how I make my living.

#5  What one thing needs to happen to consider the year a success?

        Discovering my purpose professionally and learning what I'm passionate about. 

Marisa Martinez
Potential Writer/Artist