5 Photo Writing Challenge

5 Photo Writing Challenge - student project

Challenge:  Take 5 favorite photos from your family's collection. Write a 6-word memoir about each. You now have 5 prompts for your memoir or family history. These might even be great chapter titles. Develop the 6 word memoir further and you'll have a chapter before you know it. Fun tip: Make this a family activity and you'll have even more material for your story.

Number Goal:  Get this idea in front of 1000 people and have engagement and/or response from 100.

Telling Others:  I'll share this to my FaceBook page at www.rememberingthetime.net, to my FaceBook group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/familyhistoryandmemoirwritersfellowship, to Instagram @rememberingthetime, and to Pinterest @rememberingthetime.

Celebration Plans: Treat my family to ice cream, take a photo to remember it by, and share to social media. 


Karen Ray
Personal Historian