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5 Online Products to sell: Channel Challenge

Finally! Before the end of the month, here is the third class: 5 Online Products to sell. Be an Entrepreneur.

I really enjoyed the development of this particular class, not only for upload it, but, through it I get out of my comfort zone, I learn a lot (even things that weren't related to it), and made me discover a lot of the advantages of the internet. The true is that Online Products are good, but theres more we can do online.

To be successful online is to create a new ecosystem for your audience. Maybe I'll post a class about it later. But for now, you can enjoy a good entrepreneur start!

Welcome to my last fall class! Let's see how the winter goes! 


And the Challenge keeps going!

For that, here is my second class!! 4 Essential Funds for your Blog.

Have you ever stoped for a second to evaluate if you are going in the right way for your blog? You have the topic, but don't know how to continue? Then, this class will help you to improve every time you want. If you take the class today, and make a change, and take the class again in a year, and make another change, then you are in the right way, because improving is part of having a professional blog. 

Welcome to the class and hope you enjoy it!


UPLOAD October, 7.

Ok.... I must confess that I made everything and upload my September class on time, but I totally forgot to upload my project here in the channel and promote ir here. 

I had an Expo last weekend, and between the selling work and the following work to create more customers, I didn't check anything of my channel in here. Badly done for me, but, anyhow, I'm here now!

Most of my classes are created in order to encourage people to built their business in crafting and designing. There are many things anyone can create, but, selling them is an art by its own, so, the idea is to keep building a program that will help you to reach that point, step by step.

First, we have a big important part: "Calculating revenue of your crafts"

Do you have problems selling your creations? People doesn't look convinced of your prices? Do you hesitate when you tell the price?

If answered one or more questions "yes", then, this class is for you!

You can start your crafting business today, selling the beautiful creations you made, always sure of the price you give, because when you feel secure about your product, is easier for your client to fall in love with it. 

Remember that every client is a person you must conquer, by offering a solution with your crafts. And, as a person, is easy to do that!  

Welcome to my Channel!


Finally!!! The class is here: Ready? Set... Blog! You can watch it, learn from it, and walk the first steps in order to build your blog!

15/Jun Upload

Oops! I think I made a little mistake, I upload the intro video first, and forgot to put the outline link, so, it is here.

Please feel free to see it, and I will appreciate the retro that you could give me. 

Also, this is the intro video, which help to see a little bite of the class. Thanks for your reviews!


You want to start a blog,  but everything is messed up? You feel like the ideas are floating in your head but they just don´t land? Then we have some work to do.

This course will help you to identify what are you strongest areas and the ones you have to work on, in order to be a blogger. Loose the fear and start writing.

Before we talk about the correct plataform, or the ideal design for our blog or project, first we have to identify what we have in order to work, and what we need. It´s about our strengths, and the correct foundations for our personal project that we can turn in to a blog in a near future. 

We are going to do a project based in an analysis of the strenghts and weaknesses, in order to use that information to our advantage.

Needles to say that this project can be helpful not only for a blog, but for any project you wanna start, from a simple class, to a profesional blog. 



  • Pen
  • Paper


What we are going to cover is:

Analysis I: My Strenghts 

Analysis II: My weaknesses

Outside the box: What you want for your project, in this case, your blog

Diagraming the results: Establishing the beginning point.

If you are ready to start your personal blog or project, I am happy to help you. Welcome!


I'm a little late for the Fall Channel Challenge, but here is my Challenge Project Outline:

Link to google docs.

I have a blog that talks about design, crafting and photography, so my classes will go on in that path, so you can start creating your life style with the business you want, wether is online or not.

Hope you enjoy them!



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