5 Mini Gouache Meadows

5 Mini Gouache Meadows - student project

Thank you Vinita for this cute class, and as it turns out, challenging for me! I learned a lot in the first lessons. And I find the gouache medium more difficult to handle than watercolors, which is my go-to in general. I have used gouaches as watercolor before, now this is more like acrylics, which I am not used to anymore! I like fluid consistency above the pasty one, but I managed to finish all 5 projects! 

#1; Simple Meadow. Loved working on the clouds. Still not perfect, but I get the idea!

5 Mini Gouache Meadows - image 1 - student project

#2; Tulip Gardens. 

5 Mini Gouache Meadows - image 2 - student project

#3; Wildflower Meadow. The mountains need more work, but I like the flowers! 

5 Mini Gouache Meadows - image 3 - student project

#4; Lavender Meadow. I liked the clouds so much in the first project, that I worked on these clouds too. A bit overworked maybe? 

5 Mini Gouache Meadows - image 4 - student project

#5; Beach Meadow. This one was fun, even if the white/pink flowers are a bit big and not realistic.

5 Mini Gouache Meadows - image 5 - student project


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