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Hey guys! So excited to share my new 5 Minute Watercolor Challenge Class! My first bite sized class.

Check it out you guys! 


Here is the outline of the class!

This bite size class is created to give you a challenge and put your brushes and techniques to paper, create something fun. The 5 minute workout is a simple way to hone your skills as a watercolorist and get used to the speed and "quickness" of watercolor.

This encourages a loose style, makes you focus on your brush strokes, line quality, color studies etc. And it may seem like it is just 5 minutes, but you will learn a lot about what comes naturally to you and how you can better your skills and develop ideas for future paintings.

So have fun while at it. Don't ponder so much about what the end result will be. Enjoy watercolor for what they are and splash some color!

Here are the supplies you will need:

- Watercolor Paper (140 lb cold pressed watercolor paper)

- Watercolor (whether in tubes, pans or liquid watercolor - any will do)

- 1 or 2 watercolor brushes of your choice

- Jars of water for cool and warm colors

- Paper towel - optional


Hey guys, 

I finally pulled myself together to create another class. Here it is. 


Still had some issues with editing Audio. But done is better not having anything, and waiting for it to be perfect. 

Hope you guys will like and enjoy. 


Here is a link to my class:


I marketed my class the following ways:

1. I marketed within the skillshare monthly challenge pool at every milestone which I hit

2. I posted my trailer video before I launched the class to instagram where I have about 1800 followers

3. I kept posting an image a day from the class to instagram, and still posting

4. Sent announcements via twitter and facebook at every step - creating the class, class trailer, class projects etc

5. I also posted exclusively in my Facebook groups encouraging them to join my class and take the skillshare deal for 0.99$

6. I also direct emailed my Etsy email list and family and friends

7. I plan on continuing to post images of my student projects, my own resist paintings, short videos about how awesome my class is, and actual snippets of the most interesting moments of the class to instagram, facebook and twitter. 


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