5 G O G

5 G O G - student project

This is the first design project i have worked on as i am very interested in making the leap into design, so have yet to find a style and path but Jon Continos work has always been an inspiration to me.

5 GALLONS OF GALLOWAY (5 G O G) is a small hobby/micro brewery of a friend of mine still in its early stages so it has no definitive branding to it yet. Along with the brewery name, there is the name of the beer i have chosen to label, NE' BOTHA BROWN.

We are situated in Northumberland, UK, which is the most northerly county on the border with scotland, and our culture and philosophy is heavily influenced with a mix of both countires, which is often shown in the branding and design of local products.

This is a small mood board of the design i find interesting...

5 G O G - image 1 - student project