4807 Smith Street: A Story By Jalon Bransford

4807 Smith Street: A Story By Jalon Bransford - student project

Good Afternoon everybody! I hope you're all doing well today despite the terrible weather. Harrisburg, Pennsylvania is where I reside with my wife and soon to be 4 year old son Kozmo. My passion is basketball skill development, but I fell in love with writing before I started playing sports. Through this course, my goal is to learn how to share my story in a clear, concise, and concrete perspective. Although I have not written an article in a few years, my brother and I started a passion project that sparked a creative stride and ultimately led to me taking a leap of faith by joining this class and doing what I always wanted to do. I'm really excited to learn from all of you and see your work also. Being I am so excited, included in this post is a teaser for a 3-4 part documentary we created a few months ago. Please let me know your thoughts. Have a blessed day and stay positive guys!