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42 North

So my partner and I are looking into teaming up and starting our own design studio and being located in Buffalo, NY we decided that we should theme the name off of the area. Thats how 42 North came about, being the latitude of the city (as well as the "Natural Number"). Because Buffalo is a blue collar rust belt city, I want the logo to evoke a sense of Americana without being too retro. We want to be attractive to all types of clients, and because we both have a wide range of design styles we don't want to pigeonhole ourselves as being retro or the dreaded "hipster designer". 

These are a few sketches of what I have so far. In the long run I may do a very simple logo and from there make various promotional materials that are more interesting in terms of asthetics. Those I may use for this project and save the logo for something else. 

Any feedback is welcome, Thanks!

*After already doing the sketches I descided that I should do a moodboard in order to strengthen the direction I was going in so here is that as well.


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