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400 Lux

Originally I wanted to do a quote from Scott Pilgrim but I couldn't find one that was short enough that I liked so I turned to some songs for quotes. I searched through my favorite Lorde song, 400 Lux and found one quote that jumped out at me so I ran with it.


My word list focused on the two main words HOLLOW (left column) and BRAVE (right column)

My moodboard evolved quite a bit as I did research. I really wanted there to be some sort of nature aspect to the composition though. The inspiration in the bottom middle and the bottom right can be clearly seen in the final piece.

I really liked the idea of literally making the word "hollow" look like it's empty in some way so when it came to exploring some different styles I decided to explore a little more with the word "brave."

I actually couldn't decide what I liked best at this point. I was leaning more towards the serif and the on a curve ones but they weren't working as well as I wanted when I got into sketching thumbnails.

I tried out a lot of ideas but ultimately went with something that was nice and simple.

After three full size sketches I finally had it where I was happy with it. As I was drawing my final version I realized the composition was thrown off a little because there was a bunch of white space above the word "brave." The first letter is the only one that has an ascender so it left a bunch of space. To solve that I pulled up the word brave so the loop of the b wrapped around the arrow. It was a fun little touch to throw in there and a nice way to solve the problem :)

Here is the final piece and below that a version I mocked up on the computer over a photo. If I was going to do anything differently I would probably try and refine the perspective of the word Hollow. I think it's close but not quite right.

Thanks for taking a look! Any feedback would be greatly appreciated!


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