40 Things a Youtube Addict would understand

40 Things a Youtube Addict would understand - student project



15 Identities 


  1. Small towner trying to fit in with Big City kids (Even though I am 30)
  2. Recently turned people manager
  3. A responsible pet owner
  4. First-time Home Cook
  5. First-time Entrepreneur
  6. Someone who is working on something they didn’t study
  7. Limited Extrovert - Loves hanging out with friends, hates meeting new people
  8. Geeks out on every new TV show
  9. Loves mom, can’t stand dad
  10. YouTube addict
  11. Perfectionist for unimportant things (Procrastinator + Perfectionist)
  12. Compulsive Liar (First fake know-how then learn)
  13. Someone with Horrible memory
  14. Bad listener
  15. Grew up in a Hustler Family 


I chose the Youtube addict identity, as I feel there are a lot of people on the internet who are addicted to youtube, but there isn't enough content about it (at least from my perspective)


40 things only a youtube addict would understand (Some of the things are specific to my region - India)


  1. 2015: You got into YouTube for the smart content, now you don’t know why you’re watching <marble olympics>. It’s almost like YouTube wants do dumb you down because there’s a lot of dumb content and nobody is watching that 
  2. Youtube is full of rabbit holes and tries to take you to weird interests. So you like magic? Let me show you a ton of magic videos, then a few reaction magic videos, then magicians reviewing those reaction videos, and then why don’t you see a disturbing video which vaguely falls in the magic genre. No? You don’t like this - are you sure? 1879 other people watched this video.
  3. One thing you quickly learn is, you never dare touch Trending section. It’s not for the light-hearted. There is strength in numbers. One man's cringe is another's fetish.
  4. What is up with Overenthusiastic Youtubers? Who invent common nouns their fans and love them so much - Hi Guys! Like Share Subscribe - Will you adopt me please as I never got attention from my parents when I was growing up and now all I want is subscribers. Seriously.
  5. When YouTube decides you should watch something, it will not stop until you watch it. (Autoplay)
  6. When you’re a pro - you know how to deal with click baits, you click - scroll down - read the first comment and then watch the video
  7. If there’s a pretty girl on the thumbnail, she’s most likely not in the video. Especially if the video is a prank video
  8. US talk shows are in cahoots with YouTube - they are not funny! The only time they are funny is when they invite a comedian to the show. Can't take those fake laughs anymore.
  9. Watching too much youtube makes you lose appetite for long videos. I can’t watch any video for more than 15 minutes without getting bored
  10. Reaction videos of reaction videos. There’s no joy in watching a foreigner watch an <obscure super-flop Indian movie> and trying to appreciate it. “A lot of you people wanted me to watch this amazing movie, let’s see what it’s all about. It's a cultural immersion”. Sorry pal, your fans hate you. 
  11. Stand-up Comedians are taking over Youtube. They are into everything now? Serious podcasts, streaming games, playing chess - talking about politics?
  12. Two people - Arunabh and Utsav ruined it for everybody. Couldn’t they just use incognito mode and be done with?
  13. Pewdiepie vs t-series - World was divided. But that’s not what YouTube is about - What if I do like both? Am I an anti-national if I like Pewdipie?
  14. Abish Mathew is not going to give up! He is the <bollywood celebrity who took years to get popularity and finally did> of YouTube
  15. Dog YouTubers - do you think the dog knows that the people around the world are watching him? He’s just doing a trick for a treat. Would he approve?
  16. What about kids? There are 5-year-olds, who don’t know how to tie their shoelaces but they earn a million bucks via YouTube - which is going to their “college fund” (cough daddy’s new car)
  17. Lifestyle bloggers - Are they even authentic? Was this their lifestyle always, or they become bloggers so that they can have this lifestyle? If it's the latter - I am not buying the shit these guys get for free.
  18. Youtube is amazing for a loner - All the things I have eaten, all the places I have travelled - do you know how many cats and dogs I know - on the first-name basis?
  19. I have never ever clicked on a YouTube Ad
  20. Why does everyone suddenly want us to watch an upcoming movie? I mean what is so good about “shitty movie” that every YouTuber is suddenly inviting guests over about that movie. Beats me 
  21. Youtube collaborations - The occasional Skype call, flying to meet the other person, shooting together - makes me lose my shit when two of my favourites get together.
  22. You see shitty Youtubers gain subscriber count, you hated them when they didn’t have any. Now you are forced to like them because of "Peer Pressure"
  23. When you take over every house party with your “have you seen this video” and then just keep revealing your secret kinks one at a time - only to stop when you know you’ve gone too far
  24. You know of all weird internet trends and references before everyone else, and then they get popular but you still don’t understand it. The ones which you enjoy never get popular
  25. When you use YouTube to learn everything instead of google - and spend hours to get the information (because of the distractions) only to remember google could have helped you in 1 minute
  26. Sharing videos without finishing watching it, because you liked the first 10% of it 
  27. Your day starts and ends with YouTube - it’s almost like a new anchor in your life. A person you get comfortable with - you share all your life’s secrets. You’d love to wake up with. You don’t mind sharing your bathroom. You see where I am going with this. 
  28. Speaking of bathrooms - you know what’s weird. When I almost missed a flight once because I started watching a YouTube video in an airport toilet and then forgot about my flight.
  29. Every other time-wasting app I have tried to uninstall, but never YouTube. Facebook - gone! Reddit is gone! PubG is gone! Youtube is still on my home page. We’re family and you never ever cut-off your family
  30. Two kinds of Gurus on YouTube- 1. Technical Gurus- They are just reading out specs - all the reviews of the phone are the same - And somehow it feels like cheating when you’re watching the next phone you’re going to buy on the phone you are using?
  31. The other ones just talk really really slow and sound intelligent - they’re just saying the same thing over and over again. Yoga means union, Yoga is the age-old technology nobody understands. I just play them at 2x speed.
  32. Technology destructive porn - what’s the fun in watching a 1000 dollar phone being hammered down to pieces. I don’t know but I love it
  33. Youtube’s incognito mode is useless, it doesn’t let you watch NSFW content - what’s the point? Doesn’t google know what incognito is used for?
  34. Eerie Realisation that YouTube personalisation works and your friend’s YouTube looks way different than yours. 
  35. I’ve really grown up with YouTube, I started using it in 2007. What if YouTube started showing "10 years ago today you watched this" (I really dread that day)
  36. Kids are addicted to youtube - They don’t eat unless YouTube is on. And as soon as their favourite cartoon is played, they just shut up and watch. It’s weird to imagine what these kids would grow up to become.
  37. The portrait-landscape conundrum is real. If I really like a video I go to landscape, otherwise, the portrait is just fine. Also sometimes you don’t want to give away that you’re watching YouTube in office, so you have to watch good videos in portrait mode. 
  38. Halfway into a video, I realise that am I watching a reaction video, I could just have my original reaction by watching the original video
  39. Compilation videos are a black hole - they will suck you right into them. Once you start a Messi goal compilation video there is no way you’re going to stop. There is something magical about watching Messi play for hours and hours and commentators lose their shit every time he scores. 
  40. You would never watch your watch later playlist. It’s just something which is there for you to feel embarrassed about whenever you open it.