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40 Fit and Fabulous!

My whole life has been a constant battle to lose weight.  For some reason, I connect my happiness to how much I weigh.  I'm 5'7 and currently weigh 205 pounds.  Three years ago, I got my weight down to 151 pounds and was exercising daily.  Then came major back surgery.  Along with it, came my 54 pound weight gain.  It was not totally due to my surgery, it was also because I became very lazy.  I decided that I was no longer motivated to exercise or eat right.

Then, on New Years Day 2012, I decided that I was going to begin a diet and exercise plan and lose the weight once and for all. I renewed that same vow every Monday for the entire year. Before I knew it, a year had past and I was in the same situation, overweight and unhappy.  So  here is my plan of action:

     First and foremost, I have to take a good hard look at my life and make all necessary changes one step at time to make ME happy!  It may mean making some drastic changes, but in the long run, my kids and I will benefit from them. Therefore, my first habit I chose to instill in myself is to exercise everyday.

     I cannot state a definate  amount of time I plan to exercise everyday because I want this habit to stick! In order to do this, I plan to begin to walk everyday for 20 minutes on week one and add 5 minutes each week thereafter until I reach 60 minutes of jogging 5 days a week. I have to progress slow due to my failed back surgery and, in all honesty, I may never get to running, but I believe that if you aim high, you can do anything. My ultimate goal is to run a 10K which benefits spinal muscular atrophy(which my son has) in June but if I c annot, I can always walk it. Beginning tomorrow, I will keep track of my exercising on Fitocracy and be able to see my progress. 

     They say exercise is good for the whole body and I believe this to be true. The time I spend exercising will provide me some time to just think and take a break from my hectic life.  It will boost my confidence and self esteem. Most importantly, it will help me be a better role model for my kids and Girl Scouts.


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