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Tais Horta Trovao

Graphic Designer



4 year Anniversary, with love.

Hello there! My name is Tais, I'm a graphic designer from Rio, Brazil living in San Francisco since September 2012.

When I enrolled for this class I was very excited to learn from Jessica Hisch and to develop a single letter in the form of a drop cap. But once I started, I saw the opportunity to develop an anniversary gift to my husband to celebrate our 4 years of marriage. So, instead of designing a single letter, I thought, why not a number? That's why I decided to develop the "drop cap" 4 and later finalize it as a poster as my first lettering project, made with tons of love.

Here are my initial sketches.

Once I got to the idea I liked the most (the one on the right with the heart and the arrow) I worked on it on Illustrator

And then started to work on the poster:

My husband has already seen it, but I haven't self-critiqued yet, so any feedback would be very appreciated. :)

APR 2014

I've made new studies and I guess shape improvements and also worked on the 3D aspect I sketched before. 

I really like this new version, and soon I'll come back with color studies (not sure the black background would still work) and new ideas for the inside ornaments.


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