4 weeks in Sao Paulo (with a toddler)

4 weeks in Sao Paulo (with a toddler) - student project

Over last summer, we took a 6-week trip around Brazil (São Paulo, Rio, Curitiba & Porto Alegre). It was partly business and partly holiday with family. Entertaining a 2-and-a-half year old for four weeks in São Paulo while having business meetings was tough. This map is going to be a little visual extra to go along with our photos and other memories. If it is good enough, I may share it on my blog. I am rubbish at hand drawing but I love maps. I may even do something with it for my little business (Eco & multilingual paper designs).

  • Why am I making this map? For fun? A client? A gift? To showcase my favorite places? Etc.

I am making this map primarily for myself to remember the good addresses we had found and if it is any good to share on my blog.

  • Why am I the expert to create this map?

I do not claim to be an expert. I will just give it my best shot!

  • Who is my target audience?

Me and my family, but also maybe my blog readers

  • Do I want my final project to be printed or digital? How is going to be used/held? What other constraints do I need to keep in mind moving forward? 

Digital. I don't think I will print this map. But I also run a small paper goods business (www.paperpapelpapier.etsy.com)  and I may make more maps for it in the future.

  • What level of detail do I need to include? (Names, addresses, contact info, street names, website, hours, descriptions, color coding, etc.)

Not mush detail. Simple colour coding and numbering will be enough.

  • Dear class, I need your help/expertise/guidance on how to.....

Draw anything decent. I love typography and design but drawing is not my strong point!


Update 21/02/2013

this is my first hand-drawn map with pencil and paper. It is a map of Lanzarote, our latest holiday destination, and our favourite spots.

4 weeks in Sao Paulo (with a toddler) - image 1 - student project