4 techniques with one picture

4 techniques with one picture - student project

After trying a lot of different hatchings on random papers, I decided to try some of them on a picture of my cat I just took. (I know, my cat is sleeping in a weird position.. haha)

I did 4 tests and I could (and probably should) have continued to try other combinaisons and trainings but it was late at the end.. ^^' 

I tried to put less than 20min on each drawing as Roman said and I like not to try to find perfection. I also applied the advice to first test the brush on a side paper before drawing on the "final" paper. It helped me a lot. 

I also tried to modify a bit the picture while drawing to give it more movement (like while the cat's tail on the 3rd try). 

Well, I liked this class! Thank you! :)


** Sorry for my english mistakes, I'm french..**

4 techniques with one picture - image 1 - student project