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4 spaces done, now the last one

Project 5: Bookcase



Project 4: Consol 




Project 3: Sofa


Project 2: Coffee Table

So above is my coffee table again. I decided since the project is due tomorrow I won't have time to go out and get new stuff for styling the table so I'm working with what I've got at home.


My cat Bella decided she wanted to be the live part of the picture, unfortunately she has a mind of her own and I couldn't get her to pose the whole time.


 Project 1 

Here is my story, I had this fun home with lots of stuff on the coffee table, pictuers around, pretty glasses, lots of throw pillows then my beautiful son was born and people told me that I had to put away all the fun stuff because they are not safe so I didn't believe them but slowly learned that I actually did have to put away some of these things so get ready, our place is a bit bland now with a touch of clutter but we are moving to a new place in the summertime so I thought what better way than decorating the new place and teach my son not to touch ha ha. Well we will try, so get ready for not so pretty sighting :)

This one is the bookcase, it's kind of scary, I think the baby monitor gives it a  sexy look ;)

Here is the rest of the mess

Now this is a styling that I love


1. Color: The orange PIllow, Yellow , green

2.Needs: Comfy place to sit and have a drink

3.Pattern: the curtain and pillows

4.Texture: the blanket

5.Bling: the box, vase,dish

6: Shape: round decors on the table

7: Botanicals: We can see the plants

8: Placement, the way the vases are set next to each other


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