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4 o'clocktail

Since a while I've been working on my femininity. I'm the girl who prefers beer over cava or cocktails. So, I'm expanding my knowledge of the world of cocktails through this project :-). 

The brainstorm:

The moodboard:


I want to combine the straight lines and neat character of working with geometric shapes with a more vintage touch. Still figuring out how :-).

Color palette: Starting from the vintage bright green I made a color study 

With the focus I layed on following the geometric style with a vintage touch I choose to work with the triade colors. I find the first color palette (split complementary) too far away from each other (too hard) and the third color palette too close to each other (too soft). Let's see how this works out. Some tips maybe?

For the format of my badge I've chosen for the form of a cocktailshaker :-). This is my first rough try-out (without many details and vintage accents).

Second try-out (after feedback) 20/03/2015:

  • less saturated colors
  • used my space better (?)
  • made a more detailed drawing

But still in need of some textures...

Update (05/04/2015): with vintage details and vintage colors...

 Fancy a drink?


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