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4 bright succulents


I love succulents, they are so nice and fat. So I'm happy to learn to draw them!

I have no live plants at home because I'm afraid to take care of them, I'm sure they all will die :( Because I'm a lazy person. So I has found this beautiful photo in google search:


I chose 4 from this 6 beautiful little succulents and drew the sketches.


At first I forgot about volume on the leaves, so this sketch looks flat. But I remembered that and added lines later

Here is my work in progress photo:


And here is the final!


It was way more harder than I thought it would be. But I like the result despite it's not perfect. I think I has learned something new.

I will use my drawing for home decoration. I can't buy real succulent but now I have drawing :)

Thanks for watching!


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