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Lorah Feldman

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4 Privet Drive

4 Privet Drive
Harry Potter's house!


I. Illustrator

Final artwork for my house. I added a lot of details (owl, plants) that I wasn't sure if I could animate well with my beginner skill level. This is my first after effects project so I was hopeful that I could make it work.


II. Building the House

After spending hours importing, separating layers, and setting up preComps I decided to take out the plants on the porch and the owl. There were so many layers involved with those that I didn't know where to begin! So here is the final house all ready to go in AE!


III. Almost final animation

I'm happy with the timing and where it is, but since this is Harry Potter's house I want to change up some of the animations to make it more stylized to fit that world. Having the street sign pop and appear like it was a spell, etc. 


IV. Final! Changed the animation for the street sign and brightened up the colors a little. If anyone has comments or suggestions, I'd love to hear them.


This class was a great introduction to After Effects for me and I'm definitely going to learn more.
Thanks, Jake!


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