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4 Options: The Pratical, The Flaming Lips, The Cutthroat, The Happening

  1. Get in touch with other mangers on the festival. Share equipment with other bands on the ticket. Play earliest at the show you are already closest to, latest as possible at the further show.
  2. Simulcast to the second festival. So it doesn’t seem like a huge letdown, stage as huge of a stage production as possible at the show where it is being show via screen. Use the money you would have made from the show to make it as memorable as possible for those fans so they don’t feel second-rate.
  3. Pit the two festivals against each other to drive up the band’s take of the gate and concessions. If they both just have to have you, one of them will go further to get you. The fans of the second festival will never know you were a possibility to have been there and your band will get a nice payday without killing themselves to be at both shows. The band doesn’t necessarily need to know both festivals were in the running. That’s what managers are for.
  4. Do an Improv everywhere style silent show. Similar to the simulcast, but have everyone at the second show bring headphones, or pass them out. Stream your set and have everyone at the 2nd festival listen to it in their headphones. It will be a huge media event and the band will get mad press. The fans will feel like they were a part of something special. Throw in bubbles, streamers, beach balls and other visual fun for the silent crowd so it’s not just a sea of shoe gazers. Go meta and stream the silent show to an internet audience.


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