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4 Days, 3 Nights, New Orleans

I recently went on a wanderlust road trip across the United States from NY/MD to CA. During my trip, I wanted to capture my experience through photography. I've taken several photography classes but since my degree is in graphic design, I've always "hid" my love for photography. The past couple of months have been a blessing and now I know, it is time to express myself and stop holding it back.

I plan to update this project with images from several different cities when I weed out the images that aren't as strong. For now, here is a complete set of images I took while in New Orleans for the first time. Constructive criticism is welcomed and please feel free to follow me @kanaciamichelle on IG!

1. Night/Candid
I was so eager to roam the streets of New Orleans. I didn't have a clue what I was in for, but I was ready. Music surrounded each street corner as tourists walked around aimlessly. I was well aware, I was one of those tourists looking for an adventure. Not even ten minutes had gone by before I saw this homeless man sleeping in the middle of the sidewalk. I have been to many cities and seen far more homeless than my little heart can handle, but when I approached this scene, my heart sunk. I felt sorry and helpless. How can all these people walk over this man as if he does not exist? Within seconds a man with one leg in a wheelchair needed to pass the man sleeping on the sidewalk. A third man walking by reached down, picked up the homeless man's feet, and moved him out of the way. Witnessing this situation instantly changed how I viewed and experienced NOLA. This place was beautiful, but it was still healing. At various stop lights, I found myself giving satsumas to those in need and change to veterans who roamed the streets. I wish I could do more and I know it was not much, but each of them had a big thankful smile on their face and that was enough for me!

2. Look up
This was hard to find in my collection of images since most of the architecture in NOLA doesn't stand very tall. Thankfully, One Shell Square just so happened to be the tallest building not only in New Orleans, but also in the state of Louisiana!

3. Motion Blur
There was something about the New Orleans street car that made my heart light up the first time I saw one. Just a few miles outside of the busy streets of New Orleans was a place many people call home. New Orleans was drowning in history, literally. The roads were still heavily damaged from Katrina. Between the deep pockets of lost road and torn gravel, I was convinced it was safer to either walk or use public transporation. I just pray, New Orleans continues to stay strong and heal because it truly is a beautiful place.

4. Candid
Royal Street at its finest hour. Besides good ol' Bourbon Street, Royal Street was the place for all creative souls. Several live bands spreading rhythm down the streets, many boutiques, and tons of art galleries. You cannot leave New Orleans without being inspired.

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