4-6-2019: Learning Modern Calligraphy

4-6-2019: Learning Modern Calligraphy - student project

I learned calligraphy years ago, and still remember some of the basics.  There are a lot of similarities here.  However, developing my own letter style is something that I'll need to work on.  I have a small brush pen, but if I'm honest, I really prefer using a small regular pen (I'm using a uni-ball signo ultra micro tip). 

Seeing a walkthrough of each letter and how she makes them, and the four corners method was super helpful.  I'm not sure if perhaps there's a video missing or something, but I was a little bit thrown off by how we went from step-by-step lowercase letters to immediately writing words with more cursive-style letters.  I feel like I missed something...

Anyway, I am always saying "try anything once."  It's like a personal motto or mantra.  Only seemed fitting to use it for this project.  I probably won't frame it or give it to anyone, but it's in my sketchbook along with the letters I practiced, and I'll enjoy seeing it there. :) 

4-6-2019: Learning Modern Calligraphy - image 1 - student project

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