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3rd Class: Writing Your Story with Post-It Notes

So I decided it makes more sense to plan out a series of smaller classes at a time instead of trying to design a 'home run' once a year. Follow along as I design my 3rd class, as well as my writing/filmmaking 'channel'. I want to continue adding classes in the area of screenwriting and filmmaking, while also branching out more generally to creative work and brainstorming as I think we use a lot of the same tools and go through the same self-doubts. 

Nov 12, 2017 Update: Here's my channel plan so far.

The three classes are connected by the concept of using post-it notes as a tool for creative writing and visual work, but hopefully by the end of each class it won't feel so much like a gimmick.  

And I started working on the class outline, using post it notes of course: 


Still not sure about the class title, have to keep brainstorming



2ND CLASS COMPLETED: "Short Films: Finding Your Character' (find it here: http://skl.sh/2bcJj1m)


Milestone #3: Class Outline so far


Milestone #1 & #2:

Background: So this'll be my 2nd screenwriting class on Skillshare. My first - Short Films: Writing Your First Screenplay - has been a modest success so far and it gave me a better sense of what I can teach in future classes. I noticed I have a lot of beginners - and I wanted to address their experience level and trepidation with a 'stepping-stone' class that would help them begin writing narrative short films with an exercise. 

Class Idea: This would be a considerably shorter and more specific class centered on an exercise I've tried with some students called 'The Russian Doll Exercise'. The exercise allows the student to flesh out their character and find relationships between that character's past, present and future. The class can't cover all the intricacies and complexities of character development, but I think this will be a good way for writers to get a better handle of who they want to portray and how they want to do that cinematically. 

Project: To deliver a screenplay of three scenes, three moments of a fictional character's life. These scenes could simply be snapshots, with little drama; the point is to convey to the reader a sense of who that person is/was at that age. 

Even though the goal of this proposed class is to help beginners, I think the project-exercise would help any screenwriter. 

My questions/concerns: I don't know if it helps or hurts me to make it a screenwriting class and that the project has to be formatted accordingly. Would it be better if it was simply a creative prose class to maximize the potential audience size?

I'm also still struggling with titles for the class, something that communicates it's a 'class in a series' and that we'll be focusing on one specific aspect, here are my ideas so far, let me know what you think:

  • Short Films: Dive Into Character
  • Short Films: Finding Your Character
  • Dive Into Character: The Russian Doll Exercise


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