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Michael Pitch, Michael Fitzpatrick, Jason Esposito /// New York State

3rd Phase, LLC

the more you know...

Moved by the growing knowing for a greater awareness, 3rd phase was born. Started in 2012 in New York, we strive to provide clean and original clothing that fits you on your search to unbounded surroundings... the more you know...

3rd phase was founded on the need to know the unknown. Most humans wake up everyday and move throughout their life solely in the physical and mental aspects. 3rd phase was made to create an awareness to that third phase of life, the phase that causes your brain to wake up. This phase is purely natural and righteous.  We produce clothing in only a way just as natural, using only organic cottons and biodegradable chemicals in an effort to create a movement without a negative footprint.



Target Market- Individuals between the age of 17 and 45 who are intellectual, open minded, subculturalists that enjoy the journey of learning and creativity.

Summer 2013 Theme- One of the greatest unknowns in our life is outer space. We wanted to produce items that raise questions and provide answers to this unknown.

Massive Transit (MTA)- In New York, the MTA is the number one source for human transportation. Inspired by their logo, "Maintain Terrestrial Ascension" came about to remind the terrestrials to aim higher.

Wholesale- $16

Retail- $27

World Member- Remember where you came from. We are all from the same land, on the same planet.

Wholesale- $13.25

Retail- $26

Cosmic Sands- Keep your brain in space, and your toes in the sand.

Wholesale- $12

Retail- $22

Snow Capped- Higher than the mountains, the Northern Lights dance.

Wholesale- $12

Retail- $22

Massive Transit Snapback- "Watch the closing doors"

Wholesale- $17

Retail- $30

Trademark 5panel- Space Camper

Wholesale- $15

Retail- $22

Instagram- @_3rdphase

Web Store- 3rdphase.bigcartel.com


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