3RD EYE FLY - student project

Hey guys this is my story...

 My name is Gera, iv been a hockey goaly for most of my life playing in semi professional leagues until I had a brutal back injury, I ended up sitting out recovering a good 7 months of my life and still and am in the process of getting better everyday, I went through a stage of many ideas how to start my own business, and then looking at how the government was treating people and the way people live their lives not knowing anything other than material, and false imagery, being manipulated in everyday life hoping that they can find the truth or a real meaning to something that they love. After i lost my love for hockey, I realized that for me that injury could have been a sign from balance and chaos, I noticed that playing hockey was mainly a balance of keeping me healthy but once the night came and my team won our games it became chaos, we would roam the downtown streets of Ottawa and just dominate everything and anything that stood in our way, especially booze. I had enough time to reflect on my past and understand what I need to do, I need to spread to word that we are not being taught properly, we do not know how to control our emotions but we know exactly how to hide them, and I feel thats why many people believe or accept everyday lies. Even when we dream of a good dream we accept it to be what it actually was not what it really is, I also notice that alot of people have been going numb, they do hard drugs like cocain and thats how I lost some of my good friends, even though i forgive them it is hard to forget them. That is why i want to use my clothing company as a movement for awarness to open up peoples minds and spirits to actually be who we want or desire to be without using power or manipulation over others to get ahead of the game. And that is where 3RD EYE FLY comes into play3RD EYE FLY - image 1 - student project

this was my first logo design for the company, I wanted to show that the people can over come the chaos of the illuminati or bank freaks that dominate our desires and use our birth certificates as proof to keep us in tack. To get over that mind state that money is everything, and that time is money, because the reality of it is, You can to design money if you pleased to and also invent a printing machine to make it official but may be not leagal to the standards of unjust laws. 3rd eye fly believe in the real rights and freedoms of the people, the universal rights and freedoms and that is why the pyramid is fliped upside down because it is not one person who can stand ontop of the flipped pyramid it is many. 

3RD EYE FLY - image 2 - student project

This picture represents the first illuminati pyramid that we all follow and that businesses follow to and it finally collapses and starts to explode, and blood starts gushing out like crazy, while the 3RD EYE FLY pyramid comes alive and all the people become free and help one another to better themselves and the world. The peace sign in the eye is also flipped to show growth going up instead of the peace sign we know with growth that goes down into the ground, intsead this goes up and out to polinate everything and anything to a positive vibe. stating no more live to die young bs!

3RD EYE FLY - image 3 - student project

So this is my final logo design that I truely LOVE it is simple and maybe not understood yet but all im trying to achive with this is a better font. This logo represents us all as targets in a way, because the eye looks like a target, but its not a target to eliminate, it is the target for growth, since it has wings, it is the eye the takes in the light and gives out peace and positivity, its is 3RD EYE FLY that wants to promote all people to be creative and to help them find their ways into doing what they do best and LOVE! The main purpose of this company is to get people to aware others of what is wrong in the world these days, and help one another to do the right thing, I dont mean pitch 5 dollars for a movie because your short on cash but, pitch 20 dollars to your bud that you have confidence in that he or she is a good skateboarder so they can get their new deck and learn more. Thats what its about to help one another to get further into life, instead of hanging a brother by his collar because your taxes stacking. Help a brother out because you know with your love and honesty he wouldnt want to be slacking. ALL IN ONE AND ONE FOR ALL.

Anyway Sorry for the huge rant, but who ever does read this, i hope i kind of made my self clear and the way that we are going to do this 

Here is a little poem or rap I wrote for the 3RD EYE FLY records that will release its mixtape sometime mid fall.

All you mainstream rappers using black magic, thats why the youth fucked up acting all savage, yall aint masters just masses, haning a brother by his collar cuz your taxes stacking, and yall aint slacking, not even a minute, cuz time is money for a dead spirits image, supress the misfits manipulate the hit list, kill the innocent and incest the business, thats the influence of your governmental hypocrits, now they tell you the police is innocent, to serve and protect, while they abuse your rights and hunt the witnessess, blasphamese systmes we getting rid of it, 3RD EYE FLY the crew infiltrating criminals. 

LOVE AND PEACE - have yourselves the best lifespan every! ONE!


3RD EYE FLY - image 4 - student project

3RD EYE FLY - image 5 - student project

3RD EYE FLY - image 6 - student project