Brandon Secrist

Just a college student living the dream.




For this project I threw my iTunes into shuffle mode, the first song to come up was Double Vision by 3OH!3 so I went with it.  I started by sketching "3OH!3" from there I thought about double vision and kept coming back to this idea of 3D glasses with the red and blue lenses.  For my three colors I went with black, red, and blue, if you overlap blue and red you get purple as a fourth color.  As the title suggests the song touches on the feeling of double vision and detachment you can start to feel when life gets a little overwhelming so I tried to incorporate some of that into the poster, and to keep it understandable and legible still I kept the elements more simple and large.  I feel like from far away it might be harder to decipher but hopefully interesting enough to draw you in.  The type at the bottom bottom could be moved up to add space for event info like time, place, date etc.  

All that being said this project was a lot more fun than I thought, I have always dreaded sketching because I feel like I'm awful at it (the main reason I accepted the Sketching challenge from skillshare) 



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