3D Printed Jewelry Design: Create a Personalized Ring | Skillshare Projects

Liz Landis

3D Artist



3D Printed Jewelry Design: Create a Personalized Ring

There's nothing like taking your first design from digital space to holding it in the palm of your hand. Once you know the basics, there is no end to what you can create with 3D printing.

I would like to create a class to teach students the basics of creating 3D printable jewelry models. The project will be a custom, ready to print ring model.

I'll go over the Shapeways design guidelines and how to get started in Maya LT. Then, I'll walk you through creating an easy custom ring with a personalized size and simple initial embellishment in the font of your choice. Finally, I'll show you how to upload it to Shapeways. The deliverable will be a product render from Shapeways in the material of your choice. 

Ideally this will be the first of many videos on 3D print design. I'm looking forward to getting started!


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