3D Model Project

3D Model Project - student project

3D Model Project - image 1 - student project3D Model Project - image 2 - student project

I created a 3D model using FreeCAD of a 7in by 6in stand with holes I measured out so I can place my skincare products all in the same place and in an organized fashion. I saw this model as something I can just keep on my shelf in front of my mirror so I can have my products visible and easily accessible. I also thought it would look cute once my products were all placed in the holes. Unfortunately, I didn't actually print my model because it's so expensive! Nonetheless, it was my first time creating a 3D model and really spending time in FreeCAD and I learned so so much. Eventually, I want to create a 3D model where I feel confident in spending the money to produce it, so this was a great learning experience for when that time comes.