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I am a Graphic Designer from Chile :D! 

Last year i was into 3D stuffs, and digital arts


until i found processing and HYPE, so I was like, what if  I a can put some of my 3D things into processing,  I don't know exactly how to import 3D geometry into processing, I know that there is a way using libraries.

So I find a way to export geometry from Cinema4D to Illustraror as vectors and using them to add colors using HColorPool.

For the shadows I add an ambient occlussion pass in Cinema4D and then I added that file in Photoshop 

And this is the result :) 

1) 3D model.

2) Ambient Occlusion pass

3) Illustrator vectors .

4) Colors in Hype + Ambient Occlussion in Photoshop

and the last one !!

Thanks for watching :)


www.behance.net/VelazquezChile . 


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