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3D Guy in City scene

Updated -> for first post see bottom

I added a few changes, the project was so much fun, so I added a smile to the guy.

I tried different scalings, and indeed somewhere around 100,25% worked for me.

I wanted  to add some animation to it, but when exporting the textures are antialiased, I tried a lot of settings, export as image sequence etc, but the only time that I get an clean export is when i export a single frame. (This is maybe my rookie/newby inexperience)

I found an easy fix, I just rescaled the seperate textures in photoshop (with nearest neighbour option) and imported them back in After effects. I did the scale to comp option again and it worked perfectly.

So below a still and an animated gif.




First post

Really Fun to do, I also gonna try to make the Cinema 4d version.

I noticed some problem occuring in my duplicated and posed precomp, the bottom of the arm seems to have some strange edges (also visable in the rendered pose). The main precomp is fine and looks fully closed.

This is my Flat Texture




Background (Comodore 64 race game style)


Full Composition



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