3D Breakout

Week 2: Whack-A-Zombie

Week 3: 3D Breakout


  • Stage rotation is smoother and so ball locks into planes more precisely.
  • Game now indicates when game is won, and restarts accordingly.


This is my version of a 3D Breakout.  It is hard for me to describe the mechanic, but it is straightforward to play.

The idea is that the player may only control the paddle and ball in two dimensions at any given time, but the bricks are laid out in three dimensions.  The player must figure out how to rotate the stage at the right time to interact with the bricks in three dimensions.  The inspiration from the mechanic came from Fez (if that helps).  Rotating the stage changes the axis of movement for the paddle and the plane of movement for the ball such that the player may get the ball to interact with the bricks that were not in the initial plane at the start of the level.  The player toggles between two rotation states of the stage (a front view and a side view) in order to dislodge the ball from moving within a plane.


Up - Switch from front view to side view.  Paddle moves on x-axis only.  Ball locked onto an x-y plane.

Down - Switch from side view to front view.  Paddle moves on z-axis only. Ball locked onto a y-z plane.

Left - Moves paddle left within view.

Right - Moves paddle right within view.

Note: The ball is locked into a transverse plane upon rotation, so make sure the ball is aligned with a brick vertically at the time of rotation.  This will ensure that the ball is placed within a plane of existing bricks.



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