3D 4D ultrasound, How does it work?

How does my baby look after birth? Will the baby look like me? My spouse? Is the baby boy? girl? Should I purchase boy stuff? girl stuff? There are lots of questions that come up when a woman is pregnant. Technology has solved these questions for a long time. Every day there are advances in medical engineering that make 3D ultrasound better in quality. This is true about 4D ultrasound as well.

What is 3D ultrasound?

3D ultrasound can use ultrasound machine to show you the baby's face and body parts inside the womb. These machines use the same frequency of normal regular ultrasound with no extra energy to the baby. They  don't cause more heat to show the baby but they are more complex and more expensive machines. HD ultrasound machines can create skin color, more detailed images from the baby. These images are created by newly marketed machines.

What is 4D ultrasound

When the factor of time is entering in 3D ultrasound, it changes to real time videos. So you can see videos instead of photos. This is called 4d ultrasound. In 4D ultrasound you can see baby's movements, smiling, yawning, opening the eyes and a lot of activities in the baby. 4D ultrasound also don't expose the baby to more energy and does not cause more heat. 

3D 4D ultrasound pricing

As the machine is more complex and the technology is more advanced and expensive, the prices are more than normal regular 2D ultrasound but you can find places that offer promotions and make it more affordable to use their services. When you are planning to do 3D 4D ultrasound make sure it is performed by a licensed sonographer to be able to monitor ultrasound exposure and to get better images


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