365 Days of Writing Short Stories

365 Days of Writing Short Stories - student project

STEP 1: What is your project going to be?

I'm going to write short stories of at least 1000 words.


STEP 2: What will your daily deliverable be? What will you actually be doing every single day?

I'm going to spend an hour writing a short story.


STEP 3: When will you find time in your busy schedule to fit your 365 day project?

When I get home from work in the hour before I eat dinner.


STEP 4: How will you keep motivated and accountable for 365 days?

Every month I'm going to publish 5 or 6 of the stories  as an anthology. By the end of the year I'll have published 12 anthologies.

I'm also going to blog about my progress.


STEP 5: What will you do for the first 10 days?

I'm going to collect writing prompts, short stories and any ideas I've had over the years.


STEP 6: Why is this important to you? What's going to keep you going all the way until day 365?

I love writing short stories and I want to build a body of work so I can look back and say I did that.