365 Days of Producing Video Classes

365 Days of Producing Video Classes - student project

Ok, so I always wanted to do video classes similar to the ones found on Skillshare and many other platforms, but I always procrastinate.

The thing is I have a hard time committing to an hour a day or the like so I will try to do this 10-minute thing.

But I currently have no idea how long these things actually take so I decided to start out by evaluating that in order to find out what is a suitable daily deliverable and get to doing something straight away. So for the first week, I will commit to doing the following:

Week One - Hello Workflow (learning and getting set up)

  1. Say hello world to the camera (for getting the workplace set up with camera, lighting and so on)
  2. Walk through creating a hello world program while recording (just a simple thing that should allow me to figure out screen recording and act as a time estimate guide)
  3. Make a title screen with the title ”Hello World” (ideally this should be nicely animated and stuff, again just for learning and estimating time)
  4. Put everything together into one video (learn basic editing and how long that takes)
  5. Set up website hosting (find a suitable host and set up a site)
  6. Upload the video and link from the website (get the dummy video out on youtube and link to it)
  7. Decide on my first class topic (to have something to work with for a start, it doesn't have to be perfect or even very unique, just something)

If you know anything about programming, you might guess that this is my main topic here, but it is a vast one so I have yet to decide on a niche.

I do believe that most of these will take a lot more than 10 minutes, but I think of it as a kickstart that allows me to better find suitable work packages once completed.

I'll check back in during next Friday to update this project. Tonight I will start with the first point at 20:00 my time (Sweden).

Theresia Hansson
Creative Developer and Entrepreneur