365 Days of Pleasure

365 Days of Pleasure - student project

I'm studying to be a sex coach this year, and as a way of building my Instagram presence and getting used to showing up daily to my practice as well as my business, I am committing to 365 days of pleasure.

I'm not just talking about sexual pleasure here. I am talking about the pleasures available to us every day in the most mundane, everyday moments. The pleasure of driving with the car windows rolled down, bare feet on grass, melted chocolate with strawberries, baby snuggles, and yes, definitely some sexy times too :-)

Minimum Viable Deliverable

A photo and at least one paragraph of writing for Instagram, documenting whatever pleasure practices I explored that day.

When will I be working on my project?

Every evening before bedtime. I'll use my days to explore pleasure and how it plays out in even the most mundane parts of my life, and my evenings to document and share what I find.

Launch Date

2019 is my year of pleasure, so I'm going to wait until the New Year to launch this. My word of the year is PLEASURE and so my 365 will correlate with that.


Instagram: @wildsexysacred

My coaching course has a private FB page which I'll be using to stay accountable too.

I also really like the idea of having some kind of visual tracker, like checking off each day on a calendar a la Jerry Seinfeld and seeing that I have not broken my chain. I might get a bit more artistic than that though and create some kind of spiral mandala that shows me how many days I've done and how many are to go.

My Curriculum

I won't be following a strict curriculum as each day will bring its own flavour. However, I have already brainstormed over 100 ideas for if I get stuck. Things like long walks in the bush, hunting for shells and feathers, long hugs, deep breathing, reading, getting a massage etc etc. I came up with these ideas over a couple of days and I'm sure that the list will continue to grow, so if I'm struggling to 'show up' on any given day, I can refer to my list for inspiration.

My Why

I really believe that pleasure has the power to transform lives. Since making it central to my life and way of living my depression has lifted, my relationships have deepened, I am a better mum, a better lover, a better home maker.

I am launching a business and it is my hope that by the end of next year I can quit my day job. That's what will make my 365 days worth it. That and the changes it will continue to bring about in all areas of my life, and the joy of sharing this transformative work with the people who need it, for FREE.

I'll use what I learn over the 365 days to write my first book, probably a freebie to get people to sign up to my email list.

I would love to have some kind of celebration to mark the end of the project. Some kind of pleasure cruise, or a holiday!!! Yes! A holiday!!

That's just a few of my "why's".


Jessica Nabb
Pleasure seeking creative mama