365 Days of Music

STEP 1: What is your project going to be?

365 days of music.

STEP 2: What will your daily deliverable be? What will you actually be doing every single day?

15 minutes of creating and recording music.

STEP 3: When will you find time in your busy schedule to fit your 365 day project?

Every morning after making coffee.

STEP 4: How will you keep motivated and accountable for 365 days?

Document your activity publicly, partner with someone else (maybe use a monetary penalty if you miss a day), or just hold yourself accountable.

STEP 5: What will you do for the first 10 days?

Day 1: Organize project folders. Post introductory message to wherever I'll be posting.

Day 2: Work up a chord progression.

Day 3: Define the lyrical theme.

Day 4: Write the lyrical hook and chorus.

Day 5: Write the verses.

Day 6: Write the bridge / middle 8.

Day 7: Find a beat.

Day 8: Record guitar or keys.

Day 9: Record bass.

Day 10:Record main vox.

STEP 6: Why is this important to you? What's going to keep you going all the way until day 365?

I can't escape the conviction that this is what I'm supposed to be doing. If I follow through on 365 days of music, I will have established a foothold in my calling, and I will have a body of work that I'll feel comfortable sharing with the world.


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