Sabrina Zupko

Graphic Designer



365 Days of Creative Journaling

STEP 1: What is your project going to be?

I want to keep a creative journal. Each day I will journal, but it doesn't have to be written. I could draw my day. I could take photos of my day. I could paint. It doesn't matter as long as I am actively journaling in a creative manner. 

STEP 2: What will your daily deliverable be? What will you actually be doing every single day?

Each day I will create a journal entry with information on how my day was. It can be as simple as doodling something that happened that day or snapping a creative photo. The deliverable will be a journal with 365 pages of creative reflection and growth. 

STEP 3: When will you find time in your busy schedule to fit your 365 day project?

I would like to work on this 7 days a week, but I won't beat myself up for 5+ days. My goal is to do this in the morning after I get ready for work, but more realistically, I will likely do this in the evening after dinner. 

I plan to start tomorrow. 

STEP 4: How will you keep motivated and accountable for 365 days?

Because a journal can be a bit of a private thing, I will be getting an accountability partner and keeping myself accountable by using a calendar and putting it on my daily goal list. 

STEP 5: What will you do for the first 10 days?

Because I will be journaling, the most important part is to make sure that I have a dedicated journal for the project. 

STEP 6: Why is this important to you? What's going to keep you going all the way until day 365?

It is important because I think that journaling is a good way to learn about yourself and reflect on who you are, where you've been, and how far you've come. Additionally, creativity is so important to life, learning, and my career, so I want to become more creative. I think this happens through discovery. 


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