365 Days of Blogging

My project is to restart my blog, which I have let laps lately. I am also trying to slightly shift the focus of my blog to reflect where I am now in my life. I started the blog when I moved to Russia to take a position with a ballet company there and had a lot of fun documenting my life as an expat. However, now that I am back in the US I want my blog to focus more on my desire to try and live a more sustainable lifestyle without losing the fact that I am still a professional dancer and living in a multicultural home (my husband is Russian). I have been putting off restarting my blog because I keep think that I don't have all the answers to making my life more sustainable or because I feel like sustainability, dance, and fusing two traditions in one family seems like way to much to cover in one blog. So, when I saw this class I was super excited to see what ideas you might have to get me going again. 

I have decided to commit to creating content for my blog 10 minutes a day, 5 days out of the week. Before getting started with that I am trying to make an editorial calendar for myself so that I know what topics I will be covering. 

I would love to stay in touch because knowing someone else is looking will keep me going.

Here is the link to my blog http://www.creatingacuratedlife.com


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