365 DAYS OF BUILDING A BUSINESS - student project

We are Muna, two friends who decided to join forces and start a design studio where we could merge our passion for design and our desire to travel the world. With a busy schedule we sometimes struggle to find  time for ourselves. It is very important to continue learning new skills and growing our business.  

A couple of years ago we both did a 365 day project and it worked out really well. Yuyin drew surfboards and Frankie did patterns. We learnt a lot from doing it and we wanted to do it again again for ourselves. Since there are a lot of non-visual things we have to do in order to keep our business a-float we didn't think a 365 day challenge was an option. After stumbling upon this class Cynthia made us realize it is possible! So... 

here what we are going to do: 

Main Goal: Get things done

MVP: Dedicate 20 minutes to Muna related tasks (client work does not count, unless it's finding new ones) 

Parameters: The first thing we will do when we get to the office will be to cross something off the list. Every Sunday night we will take the time to organize our priorities for that week. When the week is over we will write about our experience and post it on our website

Accountability: we will add $50 pesos to our accountability jar if we fail to do our daily task. 

Curriculum: We will use workflowy to keep track of curriculum, and use clear to plan each week. 

End Goal: We will be so well organized and on-top of things that by the end of the year we will be traveling the world with an amazing portfolio, happy clients and financial stability. 

Launch Date: Monday, 13th of March 2017!

End Date: 13th of March 2018