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364 Days

I've spent time coming up with concepts and in the end, came up with too many. Which is a great thing if I'm able to keep moving forward with this after the class.

For this particular project though, I settled on the idea of making a toy that tells us a story. For this particular story, I'm focusing on Christmas and Santa Claus. We all know Santa and we all know that every Christmas Eve he flies around gives presents to all the good girls and boys, but what does he do for the other 364 days?

Well he obviously punishes the naughty in the wrestling ring because he's a professional wrestler. I've drawn inspiration from my years of watching wrestling growing up. The costumes, the colors, the extravagance and the over the top characters that were in our living rooms for all those years, have helped inspire me for this toy.

Maybe Santa is a fat luchador? Maybe he is a hardcore wrestler with a barbed wire candy cane? Who knows right now. I just think there's some pretty fun legs to this and I'm anxious to see where it goes.


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