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Dale Williams

How else will you know?



360pollster - how else will you know?

David Novak tells the story of when he ran operations at Pepsi Bottling. At a 6am meeting with salesman he asked them for feedback to understand if there were things that could be improved. Everyone said the same thing, "Bob is the expert in that area. He can tell you how it's done." "Bob taught me more in one day than I'd learned in two years on the job." When he looked over at Bob, Novak saw he was crying. Bob said he had been at the company 40 years and, "I never knew anyone felt this way about me."

This experience is common in today's rushed business world. We seldom take enough time to give feedback to others and if we want feedback ourselves it is hard to gather. 

It is into this gap that 360pollster drops. It is the easiest way to gather feedback from colleaugues and customers. 

Built originally for our own use, we have used it at the end of keynote speeches, with coaching clients and at the end of workshops we have facilitated. It takes less than a minute to create a poll and most importantly the people who give you feedback can do it a few minutes. 

Our clients have used it to gather feedback on their leadership style and to ask clients what they think of their work. 

The possibilities are endless. 

What would you like feedback on?

Without it, how else will you know?



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