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Zachary Fass

Project Manager



360 Employee Evaluation

Problem Hypothesis:

Current Employee 360 reviews mainly focus on the technical aspect of an individual’s career. While there may be some mention of their Social and Political acumen, there is no explanation as to how to improve those skills.

Our 360 product would help Employers take their employees to the next level through those social and political lenses, while also addressing the technical aspects. It would also create measurable data to use against our current product line.

Solution Hypothesis:

Create a 360 review product that breaks down measurements into technical, social, and political buckets, weighing strengths, weaknesses and opportunity for growth, while also offering solutions and coaching tools against our current product line.


Employees believe growth and advancement is just about working harder.

Managers are not aware that guidance goes beyond just technical focus. – Riskiest Assumption

Current 360 dashboards are labor intensive

Current 360 dashboards do not give a complete diagnostic.


Use current workshops to expand on coaching and training opportunities for managers/team leaders to use on their teams and find if those techniques were beneficial and fueled employee growth.

Data Collection:

Surveys for current client HR departments:

Discover whether clients believe growth would be beneficial outside of just technical job requirements.

Discover whether clients believe current 360 products give a complete picture of employee development.

Identify minimum employee requirements for employee advancement.

Identify which tools of our product line were most successful for employee training and advancement.

Determine whether those tools are enhanced by the 360 model.

Minimum Success Factor:

75% surveyed believe growth outside of just technical requirements would be beneficial.

75% believe current 360 products are not fulfilling that role.


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