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"#36 The Rusty Anchor"

So, I was in my desk working and I received this email from Skillshare, they were offering a very interesting class for me, Logo design with a heritage aesthetic, since my work is pretty much everything that looks "Heritage" or vintage, I thought of giving it a try.

Another thing I wanted to try out from this class ist the vectorizing process, I never really vectorized type with the pen tool before, I'd rather get the vintage results from actual hand lettering and inking, but sometimes a  more clean look is a better fit for some projects.

So, here we go. The name I chose its "The Rusty Anchor" , it is a clue from a game I used to play as a kid called "Grim Fandango"   it is a graphical adventure  by George Lucas.

So here are some of my early doodles, I might create another logo with just the est. date.

I'll keep updating my progress.


Super Quick update #1

Just a quick update before I start working on something else, refined my favorite doodle a little bit.


Update: So, I wasn't really diggin the last skectch, and Im trying to make it a little bit more creative, here are some more skectches.

I like how the 2 "r" connect, but guess I need to work a litle bit more on that, lol still playing a lot around in the sketching process.


Over the weekend I made a new sketch based of Simon's super quick sketch and this is what I came up with.

I vectorized it in illustrator and god I suck so much with the pen tool, I am so used to inking with my hand that I forgot how to do it properly with the pen tool, This is the progress so far.

I guess its quite decent having in mind that I suck with the pen tool XD.I still have to work on the "THE" doesnt feel quite right yet.



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