333 words

333 words - student project

At this exact moment, angels were surrounding the room. They had jointly and delicately entered the minds of the master and his disciple, as they were just starting on about discipline. The “disciple”, by definition, should know more about discipline than his master. Or so the disciple thought until he wondered what kind of disciple his master used to be.


“Master?” He asked. “Why should I trust your discipline against any others? There are so many masters out there…”

“Are you sure this question is for me to answer? You may want to listen within, dear, why is a very personal question you see.”

“Don’t you have any compelling arguments for me to consider? You know there is so much that the world has to offer… What makes your discipline so special?”


“You are about to give me your time and your attention. Of course, such an inquiry is truly valid. Although if I respond to you now, I may take away the worth of your intuition that brought you to me in the first place. If I tell you why I then steal your ability to find your own answers. So how worthy does it make me, as a teacher, if I steal the very same thing I am helping you discover, that is the power of intuition and choice?”

“And what if I am wrong?”

“Then you will learn!”

“And what if I am right?”

“Then also you will learn!”

“So what difference does it make?”


“You mean it makes no difference if I learn with you or without you?”

“You may not learn the same things. But Life is the greater teacher, I am just a practitioner, and I can only tell you that the practical mind won’t help you solve this question of yours.”

“What do you mean?”

“How do you feel?”
“Puzzled… Intrigued… Curious?”

“Great. Intrigue implies mystery and unknown, curious implies some eagerness”

“And puzzled?”

“A promising start to learn how to let the mind aside.”