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3/23 Silk scrren print: Rock on the Rocks Festival

3/25 silk screen printing was yesterday final shot

we will produce a process film and I will post some step by step pictures

3/08 detail shots

3/01 final print version (digital)

We printed our final version - for now digital. Silk screen printing will be in 2 weeks, this version is to get a feeling on how it looks printed. Thanks for all your help!

27.2 latest version

delete the infos under the main typo and added some "roughness".Still think to print it as 3c or 5 c.

Silkscreen will be in 2-3 weeks. I will print a digital for you tomorrow.


I have quiet a b it experience with silk screen printing and I have to develop a poster for a small festival in  Czech Republic this summer. The name is Rock on the Rocks - sounds like an easy subject.

I will share my process with you and hope to get a little input from you. Printing

will be in March...

Pictures from the area and the last festival

the festival at night, a lot of grass, the hills around th area


First sketches done. I will add a crowd on the boddom of the design and draw a crowd..

And I tried to get the main design done. I include speakers, hills an the house what makes the area and festival great.

What you think so far?


16.2. Sketch ready - colours not ready

First attempt for the font...

17.2. First digital version

I changed the font a bit, better?

colour scheme

19.2 updated version

I added some textures, put some shadows in, shadow behind the type etc, I think it gets more depth now...

20.2 updated version

changed mainly the font colour and added a sky texture and some details

We are..

a small DIY mostly Shirt print group from Dresden, Germany.

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