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3/06 Final Idea: POP Project

Hi everyone, really appreciate the feedback.  Here's my final idea laid out in slideshare. Comments welcome. Have enjoyed this class!





Bulls Eye Audience: Millennials 19 – 29, living in metropolitan cities in the United States

They are either in college or have graduated and are working (their 1st, 2nd or 3rd job). They might have managed to move out into an apartment with a flat mate and are experiencing what it feels like to live completely independently for the first time in their lives, or they could still be living at home because they need their parents support.

Maybe they’ve found their dream job, or maybe they are still waitressing/bar tending at the local pub.

Whatever the case may be, they’re not living in a bubble, but have some sense of their place in the world. They’re not indifferent to how their actions affect others, and have some understanding that they are citizens of the first world living on a planet that is many ways completely out of whack.

While they have less disposable income than their parents, they still spend money if it’s “worth it” to them. Purchases that are “worth it” have mutli-purpose, customizable uses, are built for ‘sharing’ in some way, shape or form or help build identity (i.e. they have meaning that says something about the buyer).

They’re also not opposed to donating smaller amounts* to causes they believe in as long as it aligns with the person they are growing into, and if they can "see" the impact they're making in some way (i.e. not feel like they're just throwing their money into a black abyss).

 * In 2011, 75% on millennials donated to charity

Problems facing our audience:

  • I want to make my mark on this world, but its hard to know how, or what the best way is
  • I wish I was more mature
  • I'm in some wierd kind of limbo, not quite an adult but not a child anymore either.
  • I wish I had my own space (living with flat or room mates)
  • I'm homesick, living thousands of miles away from home (and still getting screamed at by my mom on the phone)
  • Nobody told me my 20's would be this hard
  • I thought I would have my life figured out by the age I am now
  • I hate my job
  • I don't want to grow up
  • I can still call this baby fat, right?
  • I'm tired of being practical and responsible
  • Ugh, meeting guys/girls is so dumb; I've had 6 girlfriends in the last 3 years
  • I've entered this new phase in my life and I don't really know what I'm doing/what's needed of me
  • Work consumes my life: The fact that all I see now are the 4 walls of this cubicle 8 hours a day really concerns me/my life is passing me by (#YOLO)
  • I don't know what to do with my life, no seriously, I'm clueless 
  • #FOMO (because what youth brief would be complete without this hashtag?)


1. QUARTER LIFE CRISIS (If I may use this one, Mark? It seemed too good to pass up)

It’s supposed to be a time of opportunity and adventure, but today, kids in their 20’s are experiencing a “quarter life crisis” as a result of anxieties around debt, jobs, unemployment and relationships. This crisis doesn’t necessarily happen a quarter of the way through life, but usually around a quarter of the way through adulthood, for about 2 years.

Possible execution:

1st phase: Break down the symptoms of the 1/4 life crisis (and PoP’s connection to the number 25) so that our audience can relate, if they aren’t already. e.g. social media poll, publishing the results in various formats

2nd phase: Invite submission of peoples' stories (written or Vine videos) about their quarter life crisis experience. The best will be published (incl. as a some e cards)

3rd phase: Demonstrate an understanding of the condition and exhibit our empathy by introducing possible remedies (other than a road trip):

  • Develop round-out-your-life editorial content with a site like, run companion banners alongside the content to build a connection with PoP
  • Create a platform for our audience to share their stories and give advice to each other
  • Introduce a comedica version of the 7 Faces of Philanthropy
  • Launch ‘Giving Advisory’ campaign explaining how giving can cause undue happiness
  • Partner with a t-shirt company where those who donate $25 can have their portrait, drawn by a Guatamalan child, printed on a t-shirt to be sold (advertise sale of shirts on e.g. birthday lists for 20somethings as well as “under $25 lists”)


We'll create virtual and real-life experiences where people can get a taste of what it's like to live the life of an "out-of-school" Guatamalan child who is learning little other than what the street teaches him/her. 

  • Match young donors (within audience age range) with younger Guatamalan school kids with similar interests to them with the aim of showing that all children, no matter of their circumstances, can have similar likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams
  • Use these stories to encourage others to donate $25 after which they can be matched with a child that is similar to them. Maybe Google can create an interactive map like this
  • Match celebrities like Bieber to a Guatamalan child who, for example, loves to sing and perform thus highlighting the difference in circumstances and how opportunities can exponentially impact the course of a life
  • Leverage career fairs aimed at college students and graudates to highlight what some Guatamalan kids aspire to just because they don’t think any other options are available to them (e.g. “When I’m older, I’m going to sell fruit. On the street like my Mom”) 


We’ll tap into our audience's deep-seated need to make their mark on the world, by showing them the impact small things (like pencils) can make. The ultimate goal being to propel them to make a difference of their own with the compelling call to action “Your footprint awaits”.

In order to introduce the idea of the impact a pencil can make, we can start by telling Adam's story & the story of famous pencil users, after which we'll invite our audience's participation in events where doing/making/creating something will make a difference to PoP.

For example (audience participation ideas):

  • Invite people to host house parties (with a suggested door fee of $5) with games that need pencils
  • Invite people to create their own pencil sculptures, the best of which can be auctioned off at the next PoP gala
  • Connect PoP to the growing maker movement by inviting
    • people to attend the first PoP overnight “hackerthon” (100% of entry fees going to Pop)
    • attendance to meet-ups like “Shut Up and Write” where they’ll need to answer the question “What do you want most in the world?” with nothing but a pencil. Best stories/executions will have the chance of being published on a site like (again 100% of entry fees will go to PoP)


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