30 days of skies

30 days of skies - student project

This class is really helpful! I can easily see the progression from day 1, where everything just turned to mud, to the following days where I learned to control the water better.

30 days of skies - image 1 - student project

I just painted in my sketchbook, because that's what I've got and single pieces of paper tend to get lost. (And obviously every spare inch of wall and fridge, and door, is covered in LO's art. ^^;) I did, however have a few mishaps as one time LO slammed the book shut with some paint still wet and another time he showed me which paintings he liked best - by touching each painting, right into the wet paint. ^^;

30 days of skies - image 2 - student project

On one page there was some grease on the page and the paint wouldn't stick... but the result was this moon and clouds and it looks so beautiful. o^__^o

30 days of skies - image 3 - student project

My colours are quite different from the teacher's and I think the pigments sometimes react differently. But I tried, that's what matters.

30 days of skies - image 4 - student project

Thank you for the wonderful class! I'm also loving the tips in the bonus chapters!