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30-days November Challenge

I am very late in uploading but hey, better late than never.. Right?


I'm doing midnight shift for a week so I thought it would be a good time to start on this project since I don't really got much going on in the shift. I bought a new sketchbook for this project and boy, does it bleed my paint....

Nov 1 - Fall

Inspiration: Japanese fashion magazines


The paint bleeds~~~~ and I used my office scanner since I dont have one..... :'P


Nov 2 - Gourd

Inspiration: Chinese water gourds


When I see "gourds" in my email prompt, I immediately thought about old Jackie Chan's film "The Drunken Master" where the kung fu master in the film have his liquor in similar gourds and then I thought what if I have MY own gourd? I'll embellish them!! I used pencil colors this time but the colors wasnt really showing up with scanner....


Nov 3 - Colors

Inspiration:Minimalist portrait painting


Well... I thought of giving the watercolors another try, I did have the control somehow but the colors still bleed anyways *sigh*. I got mix feelings about this one. I think I got the eye colors the way I wanted but the rest..... Hmmmm....


Nov 4 - Hay

Inspiration : Film scenes in Pretty in Pink & 3 Abdul


This little prompt got me frustated yesterday. I got this romantic images in my mind but I cant seem to able to put in on paper. Luckily the scanner didnt catch the mess I made on the paper. When I was a teen, I got a knack for sketching romantic couples in goofy manga style, so I thought why not put the 'experience' to good use, with the film scenes that I remembered that contains hay :'P.... This little number reminds me of my comics that I used to sketch when I was a teen.


Nov 5 - Feast

Inspiration : My local japanese restaurant


Once in a while I would go to the japanese restaurants to feast by my own. "Once in a while" because the feast splurdge blew a hole in my wallet :'P (that's why I prefer to feast by my own, no nagging from friends for feasting my my heart out).I really love the sweets and desserts especially........... :')


Nov 6 - Bonfire

Inspiration : Pinterest


I think I drawn human figures/portraits a bit much so I thought I want to try something else. I browsed the pinterest I saw the humor section about the moths have the marshmallows burn near candle joke, and I thought "what if?" 


Nov 7 - Home

Inspiration : Hobbits


I think I have been struggling with this for some time, because I am really bad at drawing houses ( i mean rectangles, perspective drawing and stuff). Also, I want to try something other than human figures soooo tadaaaa..... Not my best, not my bad either.....


Nov 8 - Gathering

Inspiration: Pinterest


Gathering of beetles anyone? Hmmmm... I'm sure it is a good idea at 1st, but well, I manage to make one of the beetle looked like a cockroach =_=...... This is my lazy art anyway... :'P


Nov 9 - Season

Inspiration: Raining season


It's raining season where I live in now. Can't say I hate them, but raining does makes everything feel a bit chilly. 


Nov 10 - Chill

Inspiration: Dream house


Not really my best painting but I really like the bunk (they call it bunk,right? I don't really know myself...) near large window panel to chill on lazy days. Who wouldn't?


Nov 11 - Tea

Inspiration: Old teacups


I was thinking tea made from love kind of a thing. Buuuut I think I could have done better.


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