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30 day November challenge.. Let the sketchbook magic begin

Day 25: Hat


Day 24: Snuggle

To be added

Day 23: Still

To be added

Day 22: Scarf


Day 21: Cabin

To be added

Day 20: Pie

Cherry pie, my favourite :)


Day 19:

To be added..

Day 18: Park

My local park


Day 17: Family

My favourite painting yet, we were on holiday in Cornwall at the time (lands end) and I am about 3months pregnant here so I really feel like all our little family is represented! Cant wait to finally meet the baby in March! Exciting times for our family :)


Day 16: Boots

I really enjoyed looking at the shadows and shapes on these old boots


Day 15: Socks

Just keep drawing.. is my mantra at the moment!


Day 14: Acorn

Back to basics with a pen and ink wash


Day 13: Leaves

Wanted to keep the painting aspect going..


Day 12: Apples

I got a lovely easel for my birthday so I have started to experiment in paint


Day 11: Tea

I have a love for tea - gets me up and going in the morning so I was loving this subject:


Day 10: Chill

Jasper gave me the perfect scenario for chilling! Doesn't he look relaxed!


Day 9: Season

Rather than looking to the weather (which is cold and miserable here in the UK at the moment - I went with salt and pepper seasoning in ink and toothbrush for effect.


Day 8: Gathering

A rather tenuous link but I was off t my neices 6th birthday party and I though of a gathering of people so decided to create some artwork on her wrapping paper, here it is...


Day 7: Home

Quick 2minute sketch - obviously I need to draw more Haha!


Day 6: Bonfire


Day 5: Feast

Some of my favourite foods.. to be finished!


Day 4: Hay

I found a photo of a newborn giraffe that made me realise that hay is more than food for cattle, it is also a blanket to baby animals (zoo/farm ones anyhow!)


Day 3: Colour

The more colour the better I say! I chose to create a colourful background texture with my paints and then add a painting of my 1year old shih tzu, Jasper - as he has brought colour to our lives in every way


Day 2: Gourds

Definitely an improvement of yesterday - stripped it back to watercolour and pen and I much prefer this style to the painting below (although I am eager to try oil paints - can't believe I have yet to use them.. one day perhaps!)


WTF are Gourds by the way?! ..answers on a postcard please! :)

Day 1 of November challenge: Fall

My attempt at capturing the feel of autumn but really dont like the end results, but hey its only day 1 .. hoping it can only get better from here on in!



Day 2 of sketch book magic class

So after a warm up of doodling with eyes shut and eyes open, I selected a sponge and spatula to create this masterpiece of my hometown, Urmston. I think I have the highstreet atmosphere down to a tee... haha 

Lesson learnt today - I def need to rethink my colour palatte and be more selective esp as you cant really mix very well with a sponge!

All being said, it's making me smile and nostalgic, so it can't be all bad :)


Day 1

With my eyes shut I chose a toothbrush and some topical (halloweeny) colours to get me started. I didnt like it until I took a photo of it and now it is growing on me :)

I am finding the hardest bit is keeping it free and easy at this point and not trying to make it into something its not.. The perfectionist in me screams.. WHAT ARE YOU DOING!! & I have to tell it to shut the hell up :)

Plan is to fill lots of pages up by mark making with various random objects, because I actually do think some of the textures and overlays are intriguing.



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