30 Second Showcase


30 Second Showcase was born out of the original project I was working out called recroot.me. recroot.me was a tool for collaborative creatives to showcase joined work and not only get discovered togethor but hired togethor. After the idea became too complex we simplified. Sites like About.me and flavors.me have been getting massive attention, but the issue is they are still just a website, that replaces a business card. Secondly they have too much data for someone in a creative field, when their work should speak from themselves. 

30SS aims at being a mobile first, addition to introductions for potential clients. Instead of handing them a business card which cannot be tracked (how do you know if they visited your site? how do you know they didn't throw it away?). With this app people in the creative fields (photgraphers, desginers, models) will be able to create and send a micro-portfolio in minutes specifically tailored for each introduction. If you are speaking with a CPG client send him your packaging portfolio. If you are speaking to a web design firm, send them yoour micro-web-portfolio. After you sending a potfolio, get analytics on if they clicked your link, how long they viewed it, and if they saved it (saving would require them to have a profile).

This product can be extremely useful to anyone in a creative field or even for people in sales, creating a showcase that you can send to customers highlighting the features you think they'll love.



Current development: App is 80% completed for iPhone, with web development and iPad development to follow.

Web: www.30secondshowcase.com


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