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30 Rock - The Generalissimo

Hello all,

I went with 30 Rock since there really isn't any good fan art out there for this show and because it is now off-the-air. This is my homage to my favorite episode.

Season 3: Episode 10 - The Generalissimo

Main Characters

Liz Lemon
New York feminist liberal,  educated, single-and-pretending-to-be-happy-about-it, over-scheduled, undersexed.

Jack Donaghy
Slick, Right-leaning executive, with an affinity for overtly backhanded compliments and dating high-powered women and celebrities.

Jenna Maroney
Attractive, self-centered, glamorous and Histrionic

Dr. Drew Baird
Extremely handsome and the perfect man,  unintentionally manipulative, Horrible at everything and quite clueless.

Tracy Jordan
Loose cannon, erratic and feels the need to maintain his crazy reputation.


Jack's resemblance to a telenovela character has him on the outs with Elisa's grandmother. Liz tries to begin a relationship with a new neighbor by exploiting his mis-delivered mail.

Been busy...

Here's a breakdown of the two storylines that are co-mingled at the 1/3 mark. Maybe this will help follow along. Jack Donaghy's timeline and Liz Lemon's Timeline. They have one thing in common. The Generalissimo!

As  you can see the colors are mostly brown/orange/Tan  and blue/gray. Gotta take that into consideration.

Here are the mostly finished sketches. I need your help to decide what's best!

Here's some sketches for some of the characters...

my inspiration:


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